Angelic Love
Tis world was hard to live in,
For it was surely cruel,
Tossed me from side to side ot sure did,
Times were such that I knew not what I would do,

I Prayed and then oh I found you,
There you stood in all your awe,
The Night was young and fireworks all around,
But nothing compared to the fireworks that went off in me, As I lay my eyes on such a Beautiful angel.
Her hair flowing in the wind tending to the fearful dogs terrified by the sound of the festive fireworks.
At that moment destiny entwined our souls.

For I wondered who might this pure hearted maiden be.
I mustered up the courage to approach this Enchantress.
Exchange of words took place,For days and days we spoke and started to feel our souls embrace.

Our hearts and souls now one,
Fate it surely is that she be mine and I be hers,
Stretched out my hand I sure did,
Grab it she did with all her heart and soul.

We walk this earth now as one,
Love and Joy Filled are we,
Together we shall be for Eternity,
Our hearts beat for eachother beyond a doubt,
This Love of ours eternal shall be,and when our time on earth is nigh,
Unite we shall on Heavens shore, to be in love forever More.

© Kyle Edwards