Elegy of the night
In the shadows of the night, a tale unfolds
Of love and loss, of dreams untold
A beauty so haunting, a sadness deep
In the heart of darkness, secrets to keep

Through misted moors and ancient castles
Whispers of fear, of unearthly terrors
A blackened sky, a blood-red moon
A symphony of sorrow, a mournful tune

Ghosts of the past, lingering still
In the cold embrace of eternal chill
A fleeting glimpse of what once was
A love that fades, like morning's buzz

In the depths of despair, a heartache aches
A longing for what time forsakes
A yearning for a love lost in the night
A soul consumed by eternal fright

So let us mourn, let us weep
For the tragic beauty that forever keeps
The memory of a love so true
In the haunting lexicon of Poets's rue.

© Jellal_asuma