Ummm my life is at darkness, no ambition, no motivation, no soulmate... like an empty bottle of water....!
Am walking in the street, tears on my eyes, to cover my tears drizzling started...

My heads are down, listening to sounds of drops of drizzling rain, so melodies to listen, but my heart was pounding fastly dono why...

As i moved moved forward, i saw an angel, running towards me, as the rain got pace..
She moved faster... i stopped walking was just watching her..

She wore an heels, black beautiful dress, long physique, soft hairs wet by rain, eyes look tired but beautiful black eyes.. long nose..
She came and hit me..

For a moment, i went to heaven and i came back.
I realised at that point of time, my life matters not for me but to her.. my soulmate my motivation my ambition everything came back to me..

I made her to stand, took her purse and mobile gave her, she was wet and shivering, i removed my jacket and wore to her, took aside towards safer place.

She is the beautiful gorgeous one, i have ever seen in my life...

This is how i met my soulmate ❤💖
© srikanta