Once A While
Once a while, the stars align
And the world is full of wonder and sign
The moon is full, the night is still
And magic whispers, "Come and fulfill"

Once a while, the heart beats fast
And love shines bright, like a radiant cast
The world slows down, and time stands still
And in the moment, our souls take a thrill

Once a while, the winds of change blow
And new beginnings unfold, like a river's flow
The past fades away, like a distant shore
And the future beckons, with secrets in store

Once a while, the rain falls deep
And the earth awakens, in a peaceful sleep
The world is fresh, and all is new
And in the calm, our spirits renew

Once a while, we find our way
Through the darkness, to a brighter day
And in the journey, we discover our strength
And the beauty of life, in all its length.

© Christopher Christborn Obeng-Manu