You Are Eternal
Happy birthday to all mothers out there alive or in angelic form.
You will forever be missed Angelina Descovia Aug 1, 1958
Time to return home to your glorified kingdom. Jan 6, 2006.

Do not rush your time to leave this realm somebody other than you needs your story in order to survive!
If you are here today, somebody other than yourself needs you alive!
I know we are all human. Humans aren't eternal, for on the contrary the soul is!
I pray your life becomes a "legacy", for you guided me at a point as inspiration as many of you have.

They say angels never cry.
It puts my mind in wonder on where rainfall comes from since heaven is beyond the skies.
I'll never forget your voice.
I'll never speak of you in vain.
I'll always remember that you brought us love to keep us free from harm and pain.
It hurts to go on with your energy. I do not condemn this world or any God.
No source is at fault for your departure.
I believe this much is true
Everyday I break and rebuild myself until I'm good as new.
In the skin that I'm in I feel lost
I have not done enough to earn my wings or to say I have a "Golden Heart"
I will never forget quotes and poems you composed in your journals of your journeys
You're in a place of safety and harmony where love is eternal.
Heaven is a place for angels and for we will meet again.
I will always remember the memories that give me strength to fight and protect our youth.
You empowered many and open eyes to many truths.
I will forever remember.
I will forever fight for light.
I will never forget you.

Thank you for everything mom. ❤️

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