Honky Dory Machine
It was the late 90's when he fell in love with that piece of steel
Words couldn't describe how saving up for it made him feel
He built models of it in his grandma's garage
When he opened it's doors and drove, it changed his visage
He looked cool driving through LA picking up family and friends
Body paint and tires were shining from end to end
Then he happened to fall on hard times
Steel stopped working and couldn't pay the mechanic a dime
So he parked and left it to sit for years and years
Thinking how could this happen after saving so much money and putting in so much sweat and tears
He thought about selling it from time to time
But the love for that car couldn't even put a million dollars for it on his mind
And that's the story of many classics that sit in the sun to rot
The owners feelings just can't put the steel in the for sale slot