Let Your Pain Be Your Strength
Pain changes people, it's true
It can make us feel so blue
But in the midst of all the hurt
We find the strength to persevere

Through heartache and through loss
We learn to appreciate the cost
Of love and all the joy it brings
And how it makes our hearts sing

Sometimes we have to let go
Of the ones we love and know
That life goes on and we must too
And find someone who loves us true

But even when we find that love
It doesn't mean pain won't show up
It's how we deal with the hard times
That shows us what love really means

We can choose to let the pain consume
Or we can rise above and bloom
Into the people we were meant to be
Strong and resilient, wild and free

So don't let the pain define you
Instead let it refine you
Into a person who knows their worth
And is not afraid to love and hurt

For love is worth the risk we take
Even when our hearts may break
Because in the end it's what we'll find
That makes it all worth the grind

So let the pain change you for the good
And never forget that you should
Always keep your heart open wide
And let love be your guiding light.

© ItsArnold

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