I paid the ferryman on that creaky old dock
The rotting wood crawling with bugs
The stench of death filling ,y nostrils
Until I was choking
The opaque water
Resembling obsidian mirrors
And yet in that water
One thousand screaming souls
Swept past me
Each one taking a piece of my breath
The boat of the ferryman
Old rusted and filled with the cobwebs of time
Rotted floors and that smell
Of somewhere between life and death
And yet we sailed upon these waters
Watching the screaming souls
Float beneath and beside us
Shadowy wispy tendril fingers
Like a creeping mist
Reaching for the ferryman
Who silently rowed on
Paying them no heed
As they screamed
Please take us back ferryman
We have paid the price
Just one more chance
As we slowly drifted
Towards the lair of hades