this is the sunshine after the storm
I'm feeling so alone in this world of noise, like I'm drifting away with no place to call home. My heart feels like a stone, I never thought I'd turn out this way. I'm looking for some peace, but I don't know where to start but the thing is i don't wanna be here i just wanna be dead.
I'm trying to find the light, but I'm stuck in the cold winter nights alone with myself. I don't want to be alive I think I'm better off dead, My eyes are full of tears and my soul is so cold, I just want you to hold me and never let go. I can't take another sleepless night I'm trying to find some peace of mind but I'm feeling so confined. I don't know which way to go, So it's time for me to let go, unless you take my hand and hold me throughout the night I believe we can make this right. I've been trying hard to keep it all together but it's harder than I thought it would be, There's a darkness that surrounds me, I can't break free, just kiss me so I can see the dimly lit light
I'm still here, just barely alive, It's like I'm stuck in quicksand, no way out of the fight, barely holding on, just trying to make it through the night, Cause life feels like an endless struggle, with nowhere to turn my head But then I look at you and i know this is something worth living for And for those moments i look into your beautiful eyes, you give me strength to keep on going.
Our hearts, so filled with passion, there was once a time we fought so hard to keep this together. i searched for you in everything, i searched and searched, and I finally found you, but it got harder and harder When you found another, you locked your heart away and I couldn't find a way inside. We struggled so much, time and time again, I needed you, it was the darkest of times. I didn't need to say it, it was said through the countless hollow needles. You needed me, you begged and you tried, You said we'll make it through we just have to fight but I couldn't face the fact that there was no way out and no place to hide.
Now we're going strong and nothing can tear this apart. I take one look at you and I see my whole life flash before my eyes, filled with tears, no where to hide, but I look in your eyes and there's no need to hide, I see one way out and it's hand in hand with my the love my life, you fill my lungs with fresh air, something I've never felt before, this is something I can't forget, this is the sunshine after the storm