The Delusions Of Addiction
Addiction no matter what form it is in and how good it may feel is always bad. When I think of addiction I always think of the saying “Too much of anything is bad for you” One might think there are good sides of addiction like “love” or “sports” but this is simply not true as an addiction to anything will lead you to become dependent on it and that will always lead down a bad path. It always starts with “the first time”, the first time is where it all begins you try something and you like it and so you repeat it for that feeling on the inside, that feeling no similar to any other, that feeling of completeness. Than comes the addiction creeping into your brain as you repeat the action like a leech creeping its way onto your skin. And once you have reached the point to where you realize you are addicted your already too far gone, you continuously repeat and repeat the action for that beloved feeling until eventually you do it almost automatically. And once you finally cant get that feeling you get the complete opposite like the moon to the sun you can only have one at a time, this feeling is so unbearable, so painful its as if you were missing a piece of you and you go so crazy that you’re almost willing to do anything to get it away and to get back to your oh so loved feeling of completeness. And once your here its almost impossible to just stop you just repeat and repeat and repeat until you break and end up like the toy andy threw away.
© Joshua Parks