Into the Fall
First day of autumn,
The summer has gone;
Soon it’ll be hours,
Before we even reach dawn.

Though it’s getting cool,
There are still beautiful views;
Of the trees changing colour,
Or cuddling up with you.

Soon we’ll wear fuzzy socks,
And have days with no sun;
Good-Bye for now summer,
The last six months was fun.

This means Northern-Lights,
And every star in the sky;
Are seen much more often,
Than in the summertime.

I suppose winters coming,
But we first have colours of fall;
The beauty of this season,
May go by at a crawl.

Though one day closer to summer,
Just nine months to go;
But first we get through autumn,
And winters cold snow.

Darren C. Peters
September 22, 2023

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