A Bridge To Healing
Every path in life has a bridge, some with concerns
But it's up to us to decide which to cross and which to burn.
Sorry will never provide you with any solution,
But it's a bridge to healing, a step towards resolution.

In the echoes of regret, where shadows play,
A whispered sorry seeks the light of day.
Apologies, fragile as petals in the breeze,
Yet they carry the weight to put hearts at ease.

"Sorry" dances in the realm of remorse,
A bridge to healing, a gentle, steady course.
It may not undo the past's intricate art,
But it softens the edges, mending every heart.

In the tapestry of time, regrets are woven,
Yet sorry, like a seed, can leave pain unbroken.
A humble plea, a sincere admission,
To mend the rift, fostering a new transition.

Through the maze of emotions, it bravely strides,
A healing balm where understanding abides.
Words may falter, actions speak loud and clear,
In the language of sorry, redemption draws near.

Apologies aren't magic, but they hold power,
To mend, to heal, in the darkest hour.
For in the symphony of forgiveness, it plays,
A melody of grace, weaving brighter days!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo