Ending Unchanged
Why can't you see that we hurt just the same.
Nobody wins when love is a game.
You talk about how cruel to you I have been,
How is your cruelty justified but mine is a sin?

You never saw time together as an option to choose.
I guess when it's not something you want, it's not something you lose.
You're hurt because I tell you of the ways I move on.
I'm hurt because you lie and secretly move on.

Again we're proving what neither one of us say,
We have to let go of what's done to see a better day.
Stuck for so long between together and apart,
You won't love me completely but wont let go of my heart.

I can't keep playing this back and forth game.
Every single goodbye hurts just the same.
It doesn't get easier I never feel numb,
Stuck here in nowhere, feeling so dumb.

You play the victim and I'll take the blame.
However you spin it the outcomes the same.
You tell a good story and people believe what they want,
So I'll be your villain, just another dumb cunt.

No matter how you tell the story of US,
No matter who's to blame for all the times we'd fight and fuss.
No matter which one of us is the good guy or bad,
No matter the happy times or all of the sad.

The ending is one thing that can't be altered.
Regardless of the lies of which one of us faltered.
I held onto your ghost for as long as I could.
I held on much longer than anyone should.

#simplesue #healingjourney #narcissisticabuseawareness #domesticviolenceawareness
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