She Changed.
Amid life's pages, in a tale untold,
A woman's journey, her story unfold.
Not overnight, as books might suggest,
But years of change, a subtle quest.
Slowly, like the turning of the tide,
She grew, her spirit gently glided.
Through trials, joy, and pain she'd learn,
Her heart, a canvas, her soul to earn.
Painfully, at times, the growth was harsh,
Yet in each scar, her strength was borne afresh.
Brutally, she faced her inner demons,
In their defeat, her spirit bloomed.
Years passed by, her transformation clear,
A metamorphosis, a new frontier.
From the girl she was, to the woman she'd become,
A testament to strength, her spirit spun.
In every line, her story's told,
Of change, of growth, of a soul bold.
Her journey, a masterpiece in time,
A testament to life's transformative rhyme.
© प्रियंका