Do You Love to Listen?
"It is as if I can see
using my hearing

I send out
clicks and whistles
clicks and whistles
clicks and whistles!

It's like if you shout
"HELLO!" oh oH OH OH ~
in a BIG ... e m p t y ... room
The sound will bounce off
and come back to you
yoO yOO YOOO ~

My clicks and whistles echoes too!
too tOO TOOO!

That's why I can tell
a thing or two.

If it's a fish
or not

If it's a food
or just a container

I can tell how big it is
or how far

It is as if I can see
by listenin' !

It's not magic
it's my Sonar !

I can navigate
Underwater !

analyzes my vocalization
and hearing

They attempted
to replicate them

They envy how I can create
a mental map of my surroundings!

Without the need of using my eyes
I can have a built-in GPS system
in my mind! "

🐬 The Bottlenose Dolphin 🐬

Scientific Name : Tursiops truncatus

The Bottlenose Dolphin can also
“tell the difference between containers that hold fresh water, salt water, syrup, and oil from
[a distance of] ten meters [32.8 ft].”
According to Keith Brown, an associate professor at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland


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