Treading Quicksand
The heat becoming my enemy.
Taking a toll on me.
Harsh conditions.
Still healing from Inflictions.
Pushing through this heatwave.
When a ease of mind is what I crave.
No sign of a way back.
Winds quickly removing my track.
If I am to meet my demise here.
Just know that I went without fear.
The days are warm and the nights are cold.
No matter which way I look no glimpse of hope to behold.
My mind playing with me just as usual.
Keeping a grip on my sanity remains crucial.
Will I really be fine.
being alone with these thoughts of mine.
So many steps and yet I feel like I've yet to make ground.
When the pressure builds can I count on this foundation to still be around.
I hope it gets better but sometimes it's also hard to understand.
By myself with my mind feels like I'm treading quicksand.