I wish to burn in rage of my own,
and to ignite everything along.
The good in me isn't that strong,
so it could save the world from my storm.
If their hearts shed no mercy,
then mine could surely portray cruelty.
The debt loaded my shoulders,
caused a dent.
If I'm the greater evil who'd they be?
who made me so and victimise in a splee.
I wish I watch them hurl in regret,
while guilt remind them every scar in prospect.
I look up to no saving,
for the hopeless world is self-deprecating.
How ugly of a being am I,
couldn't gather love nor end it all with sigh.
If ever by mistake you fall in love,
make sure you don't hold the clove,
since it'd burn you for all it cares;
evil this world nobody cares.

© bhavya_sheisvintage

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