Black and Blue Horizons
Time flies by,
In this world, we can't defy.
Tides come and go,
Laughter and sorrows flow.

What is this world coming to?
Streets painted black and blue.
Horror, fear in our hearts,
Don't join us, in this city that tears us apart.

We are black and blue,
Awake in a city that welcomes few.
Hidden treasures, little fellas in disguise,
Beneath the sea, where secrets lie.

The ocean screams loud,
But human ears, they're deaf, unbowed.
Our eyes search for treasures deep,
In the bed where the secrets creep.

Egos of death, dangers untold,
Beneath the sea, where mysteries unfold.
Help us, we've gone too far,
Curiosity has left a lasting scar.

Sleep left behind,
As we wander, lost and blind.
Call us back, before we slip away,
We're drifting, losing our way.

Let us realize we have enough,
To bring us back, make us tough.
For the world may be black and blue,
But the deeper we go, the darker it grew.

© Copyright 2023 by Chelsea K. Jack. All rights reserved.