For Future
pressure and expectations go hand in hand
taking cover in the force on the unseen land
Risking mates for the betterment of the face
leaping away towards the end of the maze

cutting shortcuts in the hands of fate
moving away from the peaceful gate
imagination blocked by the cosmic rays
molding sculptors by the hands of clays

passing each hour seeing the rigid clock
Thinking about the benefits of the unforgiven stock
fridge becomes empty, death of the fork
opening the glass of the empty crock

cling clang of glasses, shattered on the ground
mild tapping of pen filled the earths round
notes and papers pile up to be drowned
have the unease look in the face frowned

thousand missed calls from parents flee
memories echo in the emptiness of sea
drifting away like the heavy star
just for it to end leaving a deep mark
© Nazah Purnota