Blue Love
Once, I had crossed the wall
And leaned into you,
Some desire held us together,
Not spiritual, indeed—

You are where you should be,
But I am back at my place,
With distance stretching out the sky.

That sloping nature was tough,
To fully understand
The bereft symbol of you.
It makes my breath hard to come by,

When you tugged the trigger,
Aiming at my heart,
With the pill of useless emotion.

A question mark before my face,
Remains; the rest is dead in silence.
Mere emotion is falling at my feet,
That little closeness was,
Like delicate porcelain,
Now broken under my weight.

Now all I have is the crumbling past,
Degrading with nature.
My nights are not still with sleep.
It will surely be perfected.

The sky will surely be vast enough,
For fading memories
To melt into water and flow away.

Everything is falling apart,
My heart can't hold it all for long.
But I am not someone
Who can be flung to death for love,
As I have learned to live with gulping tears.

© L o s t S o u l