The Vigourous Knight
The Vigourous Knight slays all those who Impede.
His noble quest bestowed upon him when he bent the Knee.
He rose with courage, strength,endurance, intelligence and Luck.
His queens blessing in a amulet from her cold hands is all that it Took.
I will fight and die with honor my one true Queen.
You forget the treacherous horrors in this world I have Seen.
They will fall like ashes from your bonfire this gloomy Night.
For, If I fall just know defending you was quite a quenching Delight.
One by one his enemy Fell
Just when he won he began to feel ILL.
The resin coated blade from his last enemy Below.
Had slit him across the torso, oh what a devastating Blow.
He stood once more in front of the gloom that had now disapated from the blood soaked Snow.
Smiling, slowly trecking to his fate Unknown.
All he wished was to be with the one he called HOME.

© Anthony_Oreo