Setting the standard.
My requirements for a partner are high
Please don't feel dejected if you can't stand tall and take them on.
I require a woman I can bare my soul to.
One with whom I can show my cracks, my scars, and the wounds that have yet to heal.
The infested sores and hurtful memories that torment me when I disassociate..

Don't feel dejected if you can't handle it.
I know it's a lot.
I know I am a lot.
I know I have depth that most people couldn't comprehend.
I know I feel in extremes and babble about nonsensical things in my dreams.

I require a lot in a partner.
I know this.
I won't hold it against you if you can't take that on
Most people can't...

I guess that's why I'm not for most people

My requirements in a partner are someone who can handle the philosophy and psychology of people and their trauma.
Where we can continuously pit idealology versus realism in a bout that spands a lifetime...and if we are lucky, longer.

Life is too short to settle for a lifetime of mediocre conversation, when you could have the weirdest, craziest and at times, the most heartfelt and soul baring conversations over the span of one night.

Don't settle for less.
Don't settle for what's safe or comfortable.
Sometimes, for people with wounds that run a bit deeper.
We look for safety where we should be striving for change.
Think for a moment, maybe, just maybe.. with the right partner and the right support... you could have both.

The complete wack-a-mole conversations and that feeling of safety and intimacy with another soul.
Or is that too crazy?
I really don't feel it is
Though it seems I may have to wait a while longer for that to ever reach me

It's a good thing I'm practicing patience ...
© @Riley1307