Gun in the mouth.
Took them to the South.
Africa. This how we do it in the South.

No explaining nor complaining just *click clack* action.
Baffling, how they try to beg.
The first one to cry
is the one who gets shot in the head.

Africa. This is how we live it.

A nation of incongruence.
Beautiful rainbows of black and white.
Grandpa's addicted to pipe.
Five year olds and their pipes.
Little girls playing with knives.
Only way to keep the mean men away at night.

Up all night, no tears left to cry.
Only sight for the sore eyes.
While flies infest your flesh.
Colonizing your bed.
Wishing you were dead, instead.
A little girl with a knife in her bed.

Africa. This is how we do it.

© DolorTheDaimone