Spirit Paths
147:5.8 “This transformed woman whom some of you saw at Simon’s house today is, at this moment, living on a level which is vastly below that of Simon and his well-meaning associates; but while these Pharisees are occupied with the false progress of the illusion of traversing deceptive circles of meaningless ceremonial services, this woman has, in dead earnest, started out on the long and eventful search for God, and her path toward heaven is not blocked by spiritual pride and moral self-satisfaction. The woman is, humanly speaking, much farther away from God than Simon, but her soul is in progressive motion; she is on the way toward an eternal goal. There are present in this woman tremendous spiritual possibilities for the future. Some of you may not stand high in actual levels of soul and spirit, but you are making daily progress on the living way opened up, through faith, to God. There are tremendous possibilities in each of you for the future. Better by far to have a small but living and growing faith than to be possessed of a great intellect with its dead stores of worldly wisdom and spiritual unbelief.”

Spirit Paths
Perfect weather is on tap.
Look forward to a positive rap.
The day begins, it’s cool and bright.
We all wake up with the morning light.

Gradual change when change we must
Is easier than when change’s robust.
But real change must have its way.
We can improve our day-to-day.

Improving in the things we do.
Develop Faith in what is Truth.
Find a better path today.
The “Light of Truth” shows better ways.

You’ve got to use all you’ve been given,
And then improve on how you’re livin’!
You must improve your insides too,
As aging does develop you.

The body ages, we get old.
But Spirit helps us find new roles.
Our Spirits truly tend to grow.
Experience does this as time flows.

The flow of time never stands still.
Constant change must be God’s Will.
We learn to love as through life we live.
We learn the love that we can give!

Thank You, Father, to learn to love
Is how we learn to problem solve.
We know this when we look inside
And view the world through Spirit eyes.
Paul Anderson

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