Solar breeze
Wandering in the roof, I glimpse nature's heart
Bathed in sunlight's breeze, amid machines and turbins.
Embedded blooms adorn this haven,
Which I call my home, full of fern fronds,
And petals whispering peace, in the vast rooftops' grace

The noise is soft, a city muffled as stone
Nothing like before, when crowds used to drown
Enclosed by the hustles and cars' whistles
Now, the subtle 'hyperloop' substitutes subway's net
Melding man-made marvels into our world's new array

Machines, no longer estranged,
Now kin of nature's soul,
Siblings of sons, brothers of daughters,
Harnessing solar wind's breeze
And as the earth beneath morphs
In the moorlands we succeed

#FutureUtopia #Solarpunk
© Marty A.P. All rights reserved

Artwork by Jessica Perlstein