winter's charm
Winter's chill has come to stay,
The world has turned to shades of gray,
A time of rest, of quiet, of calm,
When nature takes a breath, and sings a psalm.

The snowflakes fall, like feathers from the sky,
As the earth lays still, and trees stand by,
The ground is frozen, like a heart of stone,
And the wind whispers secrets, in a mournful tone.

The world is painted in a monochrome hue,
As if a painter has forgotten to add a hue or two,
But amidst the stillness, there's a beauty profound,
Like a diamond in the rough, waiting to be found.

The air is filled with laughter and cheer,
As Christmas time draws near,
The snowflakes dance in the frosty air,
And the trees are dressed in lights so fair.

The smell of gingerbread and cinnamon spice,
Fills every nook and cranny, oh so nice,
As families gather to celebrate the season,
With love and joy, and without reason.

The naked trees are like skeletons, in the snow,
But they stand tall, and proud, with a stoic glow,
And the frozen lakes are like mirrors, so clear,
Reflecting the world, so cold, and austere.

The winter may seem bleak and bare,
But it's a time of stillness, a time to repair,
To gather strength, and dream of things to come,
As we wait for the world to wake,

© Avinash David

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