The Promise of Forever (ABC Poem)
A nd so the promise of eternity,
B eyond the fires of hell
C ame back from the dead to claim his property
D amian is his name, a brave creature, I can tell.
E scapee he might be
F or cheating his death a hundred times
G reatness he wear for them to see
H e—in just a snap, can do a thousand crimes.
I ce-like gaze, that sends horror to town
J ourney it is, in search for his woman
K ing, who's willing to give up his crown
L et lose the battle if that's the proof that he's a man.
M ake his own way to escape
N ight it is, when he sneak
O ver mountains, oceans and cape
P atiently waiting for his peak.
Q uietened and tamed by his queen
R est, for him is waiting
S oon he'll go and die again,
T o the arms of his beloved who's smiling.
U nder such spell he rose from the dead
V aliant he is, he'll be back someday
W ith scepter in his hand and crown on head.
X ylophone will be played loudly one day.
Y es, the king will rest for now
Z enith—he'll be back! That's what he promised.
© uwak