It is time for story-telling,
sit comfortably in your dwelling,
and listen to what I have to tell,
a story that ends with a bell.

Once upon a time,
there was a poet and a rhyme,
a poet unborn, a rhyme untold,
he lived in a harbour of old.

The harbour made him feel safe,
it was the poet‘s life and poet‘s grave.
In the day the sea he was facing,
in the night he was stargazing.

He wished to the stars that fell,
to drag him out from the pits of hell,
of his soul and his mind,
only one star, though, was so kind.

The poet‘s wish was granted one day,
a beautiful fairy was sent his way,
a fairy from the misty vales,
a kind creature from fairytales.

She made him feel warm and cosy,
he made her a small and cute posy,
a posy of flowers he found on a meadow,
he felt very grateful she dragged him from shadow.

They talked every day of every year‘s season,
they both seeked love with no reason.
He found it in her warmth and she in his flowers,
and so the two became lovers.

She bestowed upon him an immortality’s kiss,
and they lived forever in a bliss,
in the Eternal fairytale’s halls,
and here story ends and the bell tolls...

© Oceanborne