My broom
Sometimes I leave my broom in the wrong place
I spend a set amount of time looking for it
I give up
Then I stumbled across it
Now I'm too lazy to use it
So I put it back in its proper place
I lay in my unmade bed
contemplating whether or not if I should use the broom for other things
I stare at my paintings instead
I do wish there was more to do with my broom
She cost me 8 bucks
I named my broom
Her name is Besse
She has her own room
We call it the broom room
My friends call it a closet
I sneeze
A wet one this time
Unlike normally, this time it hurt
My sit was twisted
My neighbor smiles when they see me
I don't know why
I wish my broom would smile
I don't think she's happy
She might appreciate a new handle
Maybe a new broom for company
A broom mate
Would it be rude to turn Besse the broom into a brood?
And breed a few?
I could sell them
Maybe I could get my 8 bucks back
Maybe I should just use my broom
She's asleep
I'll do it tomorrow
Good night Besse

Good morning Besse
Let's clean the house
It's dirty
Except I misplaced my meds
I'm lazy
I must nap
I'll do it tomorrow

© Envelope Penelope

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