Mere Vapors
Wet brown leaves linger
Rot in the rustic compost
Accept long-suffering
Knowing life will return
Death of everything fills the air
Gloom and Doom cries foul

A serious, bluish gray chill
A sorrowful, snuggling season
Another foreboding winter
Days become shorter
Pewter stars hang stoically
Above naked spiraled silhouettes

Bare branches never grasp
Emptiness everywhere
Dull light from human habitation
Death becomes a sudden awareness
Hurtling towards you
An eerie reminder

We are a mere vapors
Evaporation any moment
One shall be taken
One shall be left
Somber music muses
Violins play gloom beautifully

Past Ghostly grudges grimace
Lighted candles soften shadows
A Great Light pierces darkness
A weary world rejoices
Yonder breaks
A new and hopeful glorious morning…

© ~Steven

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