marching on the wind
Marching on the Wind

by R

the trees know about
the curse
the atmosphere knows what's worse

the clouds are gathering
for a fearful storm

the horizon sees the world's sin
and where the beginnings of it begin

and a heavy heaven arrives;

marching on the wind

It's a day the prophets said
before the rising of the dead

you can hear the flutes
and pipers in the lead

from a time before Time began
for every child of man

there was plan that was planned for marching on the wind

Canada had not a clue
Buenos Aires came unglued

There was pointing, fainting ; others laughed
and danced

Some gave thanks
Some offered prayers
Some were caught up in the air

Some joined the angels marching on the wind

So rejoice you gentle souls
As the mystery unfolds

You see you can forgo your disbelief

From the West then
to the East

They will see the Prince of Peace

as the least of these
come marching on the wind...
© R Becker