How she likes it
Wasteful hush
A low symphony plays along.
In a rush, like an upbeat song
Deep stroking to a crimson blush
Sweat rides off the face like F1 cars
Smooth skin, like pickle jars
Does she like it slow and steady?
Her lips gripped him inside.
An ocean of emotions and floods are ready.
Her hips squirm side-to-side.
He now knows where to strike, right?
It tickles his pride.
Day until night
Even overnight, she can ride.
like a biker in their prime
Her juices are ripe.
He doesn't finish, but he takes his time.
Her orifice fits his pipe.

One second later, everything shifts.
She places a hand on her bossom.
Spreads legs wide apart, it rifts
Like Thanksgiving turkey, so gruesome
He goes all in, fast and rough.
Her walls break down. "Enough is enough!"
He doesn't budge; no more friendly smiles
Slips of the bed, right off the tiles
Yet he stays inside like a glider, spreading his arms.
Her thighs get numb.
Then gives her a bear hug, real tight.
Thrusts through the contraceptive, touches the gut
Her weight feels light.
A squirrel, because he wants his nut
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