Golden Cell
Despise that all things, which provide us a joy, made of crimes, violations and death.
Despise all the murders, despise our slaving wild creatures to make them a pets.
Violence, murders,
Humankind intruders,
Exhibition scarecrows -
Who did, fuck, invent those?

We know nothing of their lifes,
We don't know what's on their mind.
Meal'n'real for humankinds -
More consumption we require.
Whome this skin, in which you are dressed,
What a fuck are you obsessed?
Is it worth of someone's death -
Golden cell for pets?

Despise this policy of fear,
Despise the bullets in your guns.
Fuck all the greats of fucking world,
Fuck up their power and their funds.

What is left for us?
Be fed as livestock with a grass.

Masticate it,
Didn't you still taste it?

You hold fucking cheap all lifes
On the sides of rolling dice,
And the higher bets are raised
More you're willing sacrifice .
Fuck all shit you read in news,
Fuck all things you're forced to use!
Your are slave like gleeful pet,
never knew regrets.

Golden cell,
Golden life,
Golden cage,
Golden bright.
Your are slaved,
Whole your mind
Fed with shit -
No denied.
Take your gun,
Hail to lie,
Order's on -
Go and die.
Kill all weaks,
Others slave,
Just like you,
Just like me...


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Artist: MEDOR
Track: Golden Cell
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