A symphony of nature played just for me.
First comes the Rain
With tears in his eyes,
dressed in black
And sings to the
Tune of heartbreaks
It offers lives,
Sometimes it comes
Down drizzling and,
Sometimes it has a
Downpour, it brings
back the nostalgia
Of my childhood.

Next comes the
winter it brings
Christmas shorter
The days longer the
Nights, let's sit
Around bonfire &
Enjoy hot cocoa &
Let's play with snow
And celebrate the birth
Of Christ, let's do a
Random act of kindness
And be grateful for your wish.

Here comes the autumn
Dancing in grace,
Each leaves falling for
Another as they sway
In the breeze they dance
And twirl.
Let's walk in the woods
And enjoy the Halloween
Spirits too.

Here comes the spring
The perfect daylight dream
Longer the days shorter the
Nights, as the flowers blooms
Perfect pink & bright
And let's dance to the birds
singing & humming the melodies too.

Here comes the summer
That brings joy,
Beach days and swimming
Travelling and family days trips
There is something so beautiful
About summer drinks
Lemonade and jal jera
To kickstart those days
Summer brings happy
sunny days and ice-creams
As a treat.

© alpha Stella