One lonesome eve when I felt tired
The sun went down the day expired
Atop a pillow I placed my head
As my body lazed across a bed

My mind wandered as a stream
While I began to wish and dream
My thoughts moved fast to and fro
How much time passed I could not know

Happening upon a jet black beast
I stood quite awestruck to say the least
This boding figure that caused my dismay
Galloped from Nowhere far away

So next the mare of her own accord
Explained in depth why she became my lord
Ofttime at night but sometimes on days
She revealed such fright in many ways

The night mare knew that which vexed my soul
The night mare vowed there to hold back my goal

Your fate is doomed unto destiny
Never with a mate you ought ever be
Of courage and pluck I should not boast
That prancer declared what I feared the most

Yet from this jinx I would not cower
By then I caught on who held true power
For just the woman whom answers my call
My love is great I will save it all

Thus quick as a wink the mare blazed white Sporting one horn she looked nimble and bright
She danced pertly thence sang with glee
You found the key yes now you see

To never live alone to be ever with another
She will look for you choosing no other
Some sweet day you indeed shall wife
So now wake up and live your life

© Travis Allen King aka DTH