Breath of Trauma
built me up
Stitched my wounds
Patched me back the best u could...wasn't easy a lot of time an effort...I was grateful and blessed to have someone who didn't give up cause they seen me in my bad times..stuck thru the hard times..but just like a flick of a switch you changed on me..started breaking me back down reopening my scars, claiming i didn't care didn't notice all you done but that incorrect...stuck by your side thru the disrespect the belittling an name calling... Judgement and blame for things I would never do...the lies about lies all the hurt an damage that was caused excepted the sorry an gave chance after chance... Said sorry for anything that had or made u feel away but it wasn't enough..... Thru everything that hasaI never left ur side even if u told me leave an get out I still wanted us to work an defended you....my insecurities became bad again an u blamed me no matter what I'm still in the wrong....its not that I'm not enough or worth it or lack of love or loyalty it was that I wasn't enough for you, ur wants wasn't us or me it is some thing or someone else...

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