I Fell
Down, d
n into hell
I fell,
it wasn't my intention,
I wasn't that well,
I had nobody looking out for me
I was under their spell,
lacked opportunity
no guidance, couldn't tell,
pleaded my case at the gate
and they said "Oh well..."
pulled on a lever, trap door
I fell,
again I blame circumstance
never had the money
never had the chance
my life was cruel not funny
it led me a merry dance
please, you gotta help me...
as if in timeless trance
I fell,
more gates, more excuses
I did my very best
I had my uses
I didn't have hope like the rest
the devil confuses
it was an unfair test
ah Hell, screw this
I fell,
on and on it went
I was a sinner
but wouldn't repent
the air got thinner
flame wouldn't relent
a voice from inner
in my head was sent
as I f
......it said "Welcome to my Hell!!"


© .Garry Saunders