Unfinished Forgiveness
Growing up with you
I felt fenced and very much used.
You use to always yell
we continuously argued,

I felt so much pain
when I couldn't walk away
You couldnt hear my thoughts,
but i didnt want to stay

You never even listen,
You constantly talked.
Now my mind and heart is completely on blocked.

Not only am I blocked,
but my brain is fully on lock.
I hope I never get the key,
for you to even try to unlock.

Im truly trapped in a mansion of my mind.
Now my life been put on paused and im falling behind.

I pray and cry asking what shall i do
Just forgive and forget, my brain would argue.
This is longest grudge I have held against you,
Yet no one to blame but my mental issues.

For the past couple of years,
I reflected in the mirror.
Its time to cut the pain with sharp scissors.

Not ready to completely face you just yet.
I can always start off by saying,
I forgive you but I won't forget.
© TinkDream