have a heart
hey dear mister did you here the news spray off the bricks and burn the pughs.
sister Mary mother pain
late November summer rain
lost for the fools
I'm dying soon
my father poisons me
my mother poisons me
all of my friends are afraid to help me
I have no where to go
somebody already prolly paid them not to show
my writing
if by chance somebody sees this I need out of this state or at least out of this city
I desperately need help I almost died today
hey dear lady sweet Mercedes nineteen eighty eighties baby hallelujah the southern cross
didn't speak it from the host
and the ritual of coth summon of the sloth
it's weeping winter sleeping sinnner winter winner chicken dinner
the police won't help the doctors won't help everybody wants me dead I think I inherited a lot of money
I really need help