looking around and realizing how empty the world is,
the urge of communicating creeps in;
but soon disappears with nobody in sight.
counting and regretting each day;
became her favorite consolation,
And soon she realized how empty she felt.

No longer yearning for companionship,
she became her own best friend.
her creativity,a constant companion,
guiding her through this empty land.
She learned to cherish solitude's embrace,
to find joy in her own company.

She built castles in her mind's eye,
where vibrant conversations danced on clouds.
the emptiness became an opportunity,
for self-discovery and inner growth.
with each passing day;
she found strength,
to embrace the silence and make it her own.

And as the world slowly came back to life,
she carried the lessons of emptiness,
knowing that her own happiness,
doesn't not rely on the presence of others.
for she found solace in being alone,
a love affair with her own soul.

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