Under the fig tree's blossom,
The gray ashes falls to my feet,
The cascading smoke filled my lungs,
And the euphoric moment started to kick.

Out of sight from those preying eyes,
My slumbering heart started to beat,
Like it's alive for the very first time,
And my blood rushed into my cheeks.

The moment my flesh touched yours,
I knew there's something to be felt,
If only my hopeful eyes could tell,
So does my rebellious heart fears.

Am I saving you to light up my despair? Are you there to fire up the notion of my tears?
Would it be another catastrophe?
Or a start of a brand new camaraderie?

Whatever it is, there's no turning back,
Even fear from the past couldn't hold me back,
For my heart's continuously search for solace,
Are you one of those traps or a resting place?

-Deeper than blue(A diary of a vulnerable narcissist)

© Midnight Rain