The Prison
In my four-walled imperial prison,
With so many expectant eyes,
What is in all fates written,
If not for one to die.

How easy they are to swindle,
In their cherished coat of lies,
What is in all minds written,
If not the need to try.

© Aubrin
Sorry for disappearing for over a month (maybe more, it's been so long I honestly don't remember). I have been writing stuff these past months including poems and more of my WIP (yay!) which is a modern-ish fantasy novel (set in a completely different with a whole lot of world building, so use the Instagram link in my bio and send a dm if you're bored and willing to hear me yap about it lol). As for the poems I wrote, I'll be posting them whenever I next feel like opining this app 😅, but I do promise to be more active in posting and reading y'all's stuff). Appreciate everyone who reads and likes/follows/comments, it's really a confidence booster, so even if only a handful of people read this, it's still a handful more than I ever expected and I'm so grateful to you for that.
May the Force be with you!
Aubrin 💛