Falling Apart
Been strong for so long and life was starting to go well, then suddenly out of know where crept upon me again my previous hell.

No warning, no sign, no known reason why,
My brain is coming down from it's normal high.

Falling apart inside, going into a hell hole,
Someone is controlling and taking over my soul.

I stand up tall looking fine, when inside the thoughts and feelings are no longer mine.

Hiding how I really am, I don't know how to explain why, how when or why I have changed into the way I am.

All alone and no one to help and break me free, I hope I can soon escape and go back to how I used to be.

Falling apart is a reccuring normal for me,
I hope out there someone will be able to see.

To help me through it and to reach the better side, so I'm no longer in hell with everything to hide.

A muddled up poem that might not make sense, but to me it does because the hell is so intense.

I don't know if this poem will be understood and accepted, I think the same about me and I don't expected it.

Belinda Manton
© All Rights Reserved