mad man's sanity
if not to be the carriage,
can be said to be a sage.
he eats or sleeps to be sane
as he performs and makes his stage

though may seem to be in bondage,
and in all his temporary change.
but we suffer a more or less fate,
as we feel we're at our best phase.

his appearance is seen insane
as his presence brings in the shame
but he's alike to us in fame
even as he's believed to be in chain

mostly perceived to be in a cage
as he roams or seats at a place
our waste may be his take
just to thrive and we do the same

may seem so tough and strange
as he walks every path to slave.
he comes and goes like a stray
like it's more an earning to his age

never say to me that he's plagued
nor I'm better to be as unchained
your status is more like a passage
just as vanity is all and in sanity

© leo chinedu Mandah