In the depths of a fragmented mind,
A labyrinth of thoughts and realities unwind.
Psychoschizophrenia, a delicate dance,
A divergent path from the norm's expanse.

Within the psyche's intricate weave,
Visions arise, both marvelous and grievous.
Whispers echo, a symphony of the unseen,
From the inner recesses, where shadows convene.

Voices like erratic thunderstorms, ablaze,
Whispered secrets, whispered pain, within this maze.
They whisper of grandeur and fervent despair,
A kaleidoscope of emotions, suspended in air.

The conscious, a tapestry of truth and lies,
Where reality shatters, and illusion flies.
Sounds and images paint an unseen scene,
A haunted canvas, where boundaries careen.

For in the realm of this altered reality,
Lies the power to create or breed calamity.
The mind thrives in the chaos of its own design,
Unearthing truths hidden, unfathomable and divine.

Yet, burdened by the weight of this affliction,
The negatives creep, casting a shadow's infliction.
Isolation gnaws at the threads of connection,
As the mind slips deeper into self-reflection.

The stigma looms, a judgmental cloud,
Misunderstanding whispers, both piercing and loud.
Discrimination, a constant enemy in sight,
Fueling the battles fought within this plight.

But within the interplay of light and dark,
There exists resilience, an unwavering spark.
Strength blossoms amidst the turbulent tide,
Shattering limitations, where dreams collide.

For the visions that dance behind closed eyes,
Speak of boundless creativity, an endless surprise.
The unseen symphonies, treasured and vast,
A glimpse into a universe that forever lasts.

So let us seek to understand and embrace,
Those who navigate this mysterious space.
For within their minds, hidden realms unfurl,
A tapestry of brilliance, a priceless pearl.

Let us listen, not to aversion's demand,
But to the echoes that guide a helping hand.
Together, we can seek harmony's sway,
And carve a path towards a brighter day.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes
©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes

© All Rights Reserved