Celebration in verses ...
When I think about
These words.... innocence and purity
Her images straigtly appears in my mind
My friend have a heart so true and kind
To her words...
Yes I can listen for hours
And her smile...
Yes More beautiful than flowers
When she laughs Wholeheartedly
And her eyes shine
In lap of her joy
My happiness combine.
Yes she is...
A beauty with brain
A great admirer of
Books and pen.

(When I first saw Her
I was truly amazed by her intelligence
Yes yes...we met in a math class
And I was like ...who solved the questions
More faster than me😃
I got the second place,oh alas)

But this is ....
The best thing that has
Ever happened in my life
I found my bestie in her
And we became best friend forever
From that day our desk , never apart
No matter on the last bench or the start
We knew the meaning of friendship
In each moment we share
O my bosom friend
Your words full of care.
In A family full of brothers
You are the only sis to me
I am proud to call you mine
And you will always be.
May you cheer more
And smile out loud
In sky of Goodwill
A happiness cloud.
Oh your special day
My wishes...I am sending you in a way
Celebrating in my verses
your Happy birthday


© Pri Poetry 💫