We live our life's in dissary

We have disorders

There are things I'll never say

Because my personality borders 

On a line thats that might just burn

When the fires igniting

And then the pattern returns

Of fighting and gaslighting

The battle is amiss

we both feel the sparks

It's no use to resist

Once that fire starts

But without that gaslight

Darknese will set in

So light up the dynamite

And let the brightness in

It takes a strong fight

But never until the end

So give me your gaslight

And then our love will mend

We are self absorbed and still self aware

Pretty and adored, but too insecure to care

There's a little narcissist in all of us

At least that's what we're told

Then whats with all the stress and fuss

Over things we can't control

That's what makes us human, our thoughts are not forthright

So when you need to heal

Just hand me your gaslight