Echoes of Wisdom

In the whispers that cross the ages,
Silent yet profound,
Dwells the wisdom of the old winds,
Who guides souls in fruitful worlds.

Words without a voice, but full of meaning,
They shine in the darkness of the mind,
They awaken the heart, once asleep,
And the soul becomes, at last, shining.

In the murmur of the leaves, in the song of the breeze,
In the waves that kiss the sand,
Wisdom manifests itself, it needs,
Guiding the wanderer in his epic.

Discernment reveals itself, gentle,
Between the lines of each story,
And those who listen to the subtle
They are heirs of eternal memory.

May we, attentively, listen
The echoes of times gone by,
And, with discernment, follow
The paths traced by them.

So, in every step and choice,
We find peace and light,
Guided by the wisdom that welcomes us,
In the eternal arms of the old cross.

Murillo Kollek
© All Rights Reserved