My man...
Happy eighteen my love..,
It's been ten months since I started taking you serious,
Seeing the way you grew up with the hurdles on your way makes me happy,
You are strong,
You are kind,
You are everything that i want..
You are special,
You are unique...
You are everything to make me feel safe,
All I wish is that you stay happy forever and ever...
Live your life to the fullest,
Spend time where you feel like your are the best ,
Never regret doing or not doing anything,
Even if i don't get a place next to you in future you always remain the way i see you now,
Hey my love,
I wish to see in real smile all through your ups and downs in life,
Remember I am always there whenever you want run into someone's arms for being yourself,
I always accept as how you are,
Your imperfections are the one that make you perfect,
And ya, gonna miss you and missing you now too,
Even if are meant for each other the time i spent always made feel so special,
I cherish every single second I was with you,,
Those cute jealousy moments,
Those late night talks,
Our longest call record,
My nonsense bakwaas which i called flirting,
That cute voice of yours when you try to console,
I can wait for ever if it's waiting for you.
This may sound crazy but i am ready to prove it right.
Once again happy eighteen always have that spark in your innocent and mischievous eyes.
Love you ❤️.

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