Twilight's Descent (1/3): Scattered Stardust
Out in the empty void
is a beacon of trust,
where light is scarce
and scattered, is stardust.

Drifting forevermore
along the warped space.
Smiles are my jet fuel,
filled with innocence and grace.

Time is worthless
in the wasteland, I'm aware.
Yet I attempt to seize the moment,
plucking at a fruit that's not there.

I've had my share of naive troubles
but I continue to shine bright.
For those engulfed in darkness,
I will tire myself and write.

A never-ending endeavor
to bring the universe some joy.
Strike a spark in the hearts
Of those destroyed and devoid.

What does a human do but wreck?
What does a star do but shine?
What does stardust do but scatter?
What does God do but confine to design?

A glimmering star is never haunted
by the darkness of the night.
Basking in the constellations,
the heights some long to find.

Never alone am I,
for we all share the plane.
Some brighter than others,
some don't even remain.

All may seem lost inside,
it may feel like nothing will matter.
Stars crumbled into bits and pieces.
What does stardust do but scatter?

© Mustafa Khan 2007